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Thursday, October 25, 2007
PubCon Rockstar
Every Pubcon needs its Pimp, and he is I.

Besides writing grandiose openings with questionable grammar, I've got a laundry list of reasons why I'm the biggest Rockstar WebGeek (specifying webgeek, because when you're going to a conference by and for webmasters ... well, Dave Navarro isn't about to show up) and why I should be selected to party with Shoe et co. in Vegas.

If you're totally clueless about what I'm talking about, this is an entry to Shoemoney's Rockstar contest. Warning: there is some adult oriented humour and a liberal dose of sarcasm - if you can't take a joke for what it is, please don't read any further.

Also, for my regular readers, this is a more personal post not quite related to the regular content of this blog, so take it for what it's worth (some young adult type humour) and not as a reflection of my professionalism.


Why are you still reading?

For starters, I spent a month and a half travelling this past summer in the Middle East. Not only did I not get shot or blown up, I actually took shots and threw up! Err, wait, scratch that. I partied like a rockstar, swam with the fish, charmed the chicks (a little chopped corn will go a long way towards pleasing the little furry future chicken filets... no, seriously). And besides being a pimp and having a damn good time of it, I'm rocking this SEO game like stoning was legal!

Let's have a look at each of those points.

1) I got more partying done this summer than Paris Hilton's done advanced calculus! Or more than Matt Cutts, whoever's smarter/done more. (My $500 are on Paris.)

Here's yours truly crowd surfing at 2 am on his tour bus (in the blue shirt and grey boxers).

Gab Crowd Surfing

Are you ready for some more? (Crowd: "Oh yeah!" Rapper: "Are you ready for some more?" Crowd: "Oh Yeah!" Rapper: "Cuz you know I want to feel it, and you know I need to feel it." Lol, don't know why that lyric just popped into my mind, but I couldn't help slipping it in there.

With a friend, I tamed a bucking camel (while wearing short shorts) and propose to repeat the ride on Jeremy's back in the Nevada desert (harder too, because he's got no hair to hang on to!).

Gab taming bucking camel

Further to that, I went incognito, Indiana Jones style, through water tunnels wearing what turned out to be a day-glo turban (Did you know white Ts make good turbans? Bet you didn't! Next time you hear someone make a racist "towelhead" remark, call them on their ignorance ... the term is "Tshirthead".)

Gab the Tshirthead

Did I mention that when I party and get rowdy, the people around me get their smiles rearranged? You contest judges wanted to talk about fighting, well check this out:

archeological find ancient tooth

OK, OK, so maybe it was a fossilized piece of junk from an archeological dig and not some guy's jawbone that I ripped out. Still, I think hanging out with me would be very beneficial to our judges, each of whom seems to have some issues with their smiles. I mean, consider:

Dax Herrera

Dax is actually frowning! If I had my picture taken with my pants around my ankles, I'd be doubled over laughing!

It seems that Rebecca, Neil and Shoe also have an issue with smiling, as you can see from them hiding their pearly whites...

Shoe's got his arm around a Hooter's hottie! And he's not smiling! And then he's holding a massive cheque while again, his cheekbones aren't the slightest bit perky!

Shoemoney at Hooters
Shoemoney cheque
Rebecca Mustache

Rebecca's a little more subtle with it. She's in disguise here with a mustache so she can plausibly deny it was her. But we know she's hiding that grin just the same!

And Neil's slurping on a beer bong. Looks like the social communities of college fraternities is what he's really studying!

Neil Bong

Greg ... well, let's just say that with a smile like that he makes a hockey player look good... A for effort at least!

Greg Hartnett

The only judge who does a half-decent job (and has a nice smile - props to your dentist) is Dave Dellanave:

The relation between this and PubCon is simple. By making fun of the judges I'm getting them - by means of reverse psychology - to secretly want to be my friend and invite me to go with them to PubCon. If you're going to socialize and network (and maybe even pick up a girl or two), a little bit of charm is essential - and your humble servant has plenty of that. Which brings us to point two:

2) Picking up the girls. If you're going to party like a rockstar, you're not just going to be getting wasted. You're going to be macking the hell out of a room. In my month and a half of travelling this past summer, I picked up no less than 5 girls and was offered to join the mile high club on my plane back home by a sixth.

Have a look:

Beach Party Girl #1

Here's your favourite rockstar taking a short break from dancing to smile for the camera with the cute girl he picked up over the weekend. Note also the white pants, like a certain rockstar who's popular in Vegas wedding ceremonies.

And like any self-respecting rock star knows, it's not sufficient to just pick up one girl a night.

Beach Party Girl #2

Heh, my eyes look so conniving/evil there. Sure sign of a party animal rockstar ;).

Following that, there was another cutie who I unfortunately did not get a chance to take pictures with, and whom you'll have to take my word on. Next up was this delightful young thing from Toronto, which just goes to show that even Toronto can get some things right. Did I mention this was a Montreal SEO blog?

Toronto Girl

The story here was that I was walking back from a cafe and saw this girl and her friend. I thought they were cute, recognized the uniforms they were in as being from an organization I'd had an interest in and chatted them up. Next thing you know I've got a hot date Friday night! Fun in the [setting] sun, as they say.

Note also the smiling! (This image wasn't cropped, it was just self shot from very close.)

I then met a girl who had an awesome personality and whom I was dating until just a few weeks ago.

We were walking along and saw a harpist and just had to take a picture - I mean, when do you see a harpist street performer around? I thought it was funny that as a harpist, she also harped about getting a donation before she'd let us take a picture with her. If you're keeping count, this is #5. And still more smiles.

The airplane girl I won't post a picture of because it might upset ms. #5. But fyi, I turned her down as ms. #5 and I were still dating at the time. ("How un-rockstarish and boring! How non-controversial!" I know, I know... )

Bottom line: Pick me to go with you to PubCon and not only will we party, you guys will get a crash course on smiling, keeping up the smile as much as possible without getting tired and making smart conversation to pick up girls (or guys, for you, Rebecca). And for you Greg,
until you see a dentist, I'll teach you to be a good listener ;).

At the end of the day, most girls and guys aren't expecting to date supermodels (though if you're a self-confident and only occasionally own-horn-tooting, wink-n-a-smile-ing, easy-chatting p-i-m-p like yours truly, you can have that expectation). They want someone friendly, who'll smile and listen to what they have say with interest while making them feel good about themselves. Like your humble servant, moi.

3) I'm an SEO rockstar.

Consider a couple of the things I've written, results I've achieved and some of the research I'm undertaking.

1) Sitelinks research project: What in the algo triggers the attribution of sitelinks to a site?

2) The beginner's Primer to Search Engine Reputation Management.

3) Google stealing search share from right under MSN's nose, which it seems no one in the industry noticed.

4) At the ISEdb, The New Directory. Imho, Seth and the good folks at Squidoo have gotten a good portion of the idea right, and it appears Gooruze will be doing the same.

5) This piece on linkbait at Pandia addressing the essential characteristics of succesful linkbait based on 5 cases. (Rebecca, the Moz is in there, so do check it out.)

6) These articles at Youmoz which are pretty dandy and instructive, imho:

and some others too.

Besides that, I'm #1 and #6 on Yahoo for SEO Montreal (was #1 and #2 earlier in October, but the SERPs have just changed very recently).

My SEO ROI .com referrer logs already show top 50 rankings on SEO consulting, and it's only been actively promoted for a few months.

I'm a multi-disciplinary fellow. I have:

  • Planned and supervised the design of my SEO ROI site from A-Z this summer, including graphics and code;
  • Re-wrote the copy and some html code on the landing page for this Montreal hotel which increased their conversion rate, an impressive feat considering it was already above the industry average;
  • Ranked this blog top 20 for Local SEO and this site often comes up in Map results for Montreal SEO on Google when the SERPs have Maps integrated (it would be awesome to attend the PubCon local sessions!);
  • Built a domain portfolio that counts awesome generic KW domains including a handful that have 6 figure + Overture results (not to mention ;) ). Do I care if they're .ca? Not so long as Google etc. don't.
  • Scored a minesweeper best time on expert of 120 seconds, or ~1.2 seconds a mine.

So if you can excuse the hard-selling, excessive bragging and weak self-deprecating jokes - I may be a rockstar, but I'm a n00b at this contest stuff - I think you'll find in me a fun guy to hang out with and one who's happy to listen to you :). Bring me to PubCon!

Take 30 seconds to subscribe to my free newsletter.

P.s. Did I mention I swam with the fishes? I was being serious about that:

Clown DiversFrogman and the Fish

Come to think of it, with $500, I think I'd take the judges with me for a an hour of diving in Cali, which would be an awesome group activity.

I mean, when I'm not trying to discretely sample some earwax...

Gab Dan earwaxHe never saw it coming! hehe

And then, this guy on the right didn't realize the joke was on him :

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PubCon Rockstar posted by Bookworm SEO @ 2:42 PM  
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